Monday, 1 March 2021



T - Covid-19

I - Introduction

Covid-19 make sure you look after yourself,also keep being happy and safe.

I - Information (Just Roll With It )

Remember to always Just Roll With It!,for example we may be in lock-down and have no device to keep in contact with school, just stay positive and roll with the situation that people need to deal with.

I - Information (Sanitize)

Also don’t forget to Sanitize!!, in situations we may be in we always need to sanitize before and after, which will help the covid-19 not spread, the more sanitizing the better we are?.

I - Information (Cough Sneeze)

Cough and Sneeze is a major problem, in times we cough or sneeze, for example you will need to use your elbow which will help the flu not spread, make sure you cough sneeze on your elbow because that is a big problem? 

C - Conclusion  Make sure you look after yourself before others,and KEEP BEING HAPPY AND SAFE!

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