Friday, 31 March 2017

rollercoaster ride

When i was walking i saw this big ride so i went on it
As i ran to the line i had butterflies in my tummy. I felt nervous as i skipped across the bridge to the lien i . as i crept to the lien i felt like i was in danger .
When I woke up this morning I was tined .When I was walking I saw a man going on a ride so I stopped and look at him. As I went in the line and it was my turn. i was nervous. When i got on i buckled my seat and when it took me i put my hands in the air as i saw water coming out from the stairs. Then I saw a. I feel happy and nervous and i feel butterflies in my tummy to.
Police car crashed into a parking line then it stopped then i got of then i feel dizzy when i was was was walking .
I feel happy and nervous and i feel butterflies in my tummy to.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

paper planes 2017

Mr Moran class went to the fomo and we made paper planes first
We copy our Teacher to make a plane then we had a paper plane thrower we had  
Boys plays girls we sat down in a line and walt for our turn when the boys had there
Turn now it’s the girls’ turn then we have to walk to the end of the fomo and we thrower
Our paper planes i came 5th for our paper planes thrower then we write about the paper planes .

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Day at the beach

As i  went to the beach i sat at the beach  to eat my chips i saw a boat with
fire in the side of it i saw a man swimming towards the sand
And the man was swimming and as i saw a boy kicked a bull in the deep deep water the
Bull sick with the little boy and  the boat just came in  time to save the bull and the little boy and the sand with the bull .

The boat with the fire on the side another boat wos coming to save the people in the water and the people on the boat and the people woy was coming  to herp they brought
Mask to save then all from the fire the people woy save people inside the boat wos wering mask and and we save them all and took them all to safety on to the side .

The people on the beach were going for a swim a little child was swimming all the way to the deep deep part and she was asking for help and no one could hear her calling for  help
And then lost of sharks came towards her and she wos