Friday, 21 June 2019

Term 2 I like your Latitude animation

This term we have been learning about latitude and how to find directions. North, East, South and West directions are found on a compass. We had to create an animation to show where different places were around the school. 

Friday, 7 June 2019

ABC Reding

Ask: Means asking a person can I use some thing pls

Bombay: Means a school and who does unicycle at the school

Chris: Means a man who is a fmous person and his name is Chris Huriwai and he does bliking on unicycle

Difficult: Means it is like hard to ride a unicycle

Explains: Means like saying how to ride a unicycle but explains

Fence: Means a frount of a house

Giving: Means giving a unicycle to some school or just to take and use at home

Home: Means like you are using a unicycle and taking it home

Italy: Means a contry some where and yeah like you might be from Italy

Jack: Means like a person name like if my name was Jack

Kaikohe: Means a name or last name in my book called Just One Wheel

Loved: Means like do you love some one or you love the unicycle

Much: Means like how much you want some unicycle

New Zealand: Means a contry and a place

Of: Means like you can say it

Plank: Means i don’t know

Qween: Means a Qween

Riders: Means people can ride on the unicyle

Sporting: Means you do sport like me i do all kind of thing

Time: Means like if a person is waiting and the person who is waiting is going to time you that they can have a turn

Unicycle: Means just one wheel and you ride on it

V: Means i don’t know