Friday, 15 February 2019

Red Riding Hood With A Twist

WALT: write a narrative using correct punctuation and sentences

Once upon a time there was a bear called Mr Bear. One day his mum sent him to his grandmothers. She gave him some berries and bread to take. So he went to the forest to collect some more berries  .

As Mr Bear finished collecting the berries he started to walk down the hill and up to his grandmother’s house. He was so closer to the house when suddenly Red Riding Hood came out of the trees and said let’s play Hide and go seek. Red Riding had told Mr Bear that he was in so then he started counting Down up to one. When he said one Red Riding Hood ran into the house and threw grandmother bear out of her bed and to the basement and locked her in.  Then as Mr bear was trying to find Red Riding Hood he went through the forest and up and down the hill. Then he said to himself I should just go back and give my berries and bread to my grandmother. So then he went all the way back to his grandmother’s house. As he got there he knocked on the door and said ”Grandmother it is me Mr bear”, Red Riding Hood was dressed up like Mr bear’s grandmother. Red Riding Hood dressed up and she laid on the bed and then Mr Bear came and knocked on the door. As Mr bear did Red Riding Hood said “Please come in.” Then Mr bear opened the door and as he did he went to the room and then said “Oh Grandmother what light skin you have and look how small you are.” Then Red Riding Hood said “Yes In deed.”

“Are you Red Riding Hood then?” asked Mr Bear. Red Riding Hood said “Yes in deed.” Then Mr Bear said “Where did you put my grandmother? Where did you put her?” Then Red Riding Hood said “Try to find her.” Then Mr Bear went around the house to try and find her. Then Grandmother yelled “Mr Bear! Mr Bear! I'm here locked in the basement. Can you call the woodcutter please to came and help me?! Mr Bear rushed out the door and called the woodcutter to come. As he came Mr Bear said “Come! Come here woodcutter she is in the basement.” Then woodcutter came and cut the chain .

As he cut the chain he went and said to Red Riding Hood “Do you want to get chopped in half?” Red Riding Hood was so scared that she ran all the way home .

The End of little red with a twist .

Task Description: I had to create my own version of little red riding hood. I read the original story and then picked some parts of the story that I wanted to change. This is my final copy of little red with a twist.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Home .

WALT: use my prior knowledge to help me understand a new text.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Stegosaurus .

Walt : Know what the expectations and routines are for reading time .

Task description : I did a task about Stegosaurus and to learn what does it meaning .

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

About Me .

Kia ora
My name is Sauma and I am 10 years old
My teacher is  Miss parrant .
I enjoy Art and I like playing with my frends my favourite thing is playing games my hobbies are  playing , Netball , Rippa rugby , Touch ,

Other things that i can Include is that I really Want to work hard on my work and I really want you to comment on my blog .

Task Description 
For this task we used a template given to us by Miss Parrant to write about ourselves for the about me section on our blog . we had to think about our differnt interests, hobbies , and information about ourslves in a way that was cybersmart .