Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Wallabies in kawau Island

In Week three the years 6's are going to kawau Island for camp. We are doing some research befor we go. Today we found out all about Wallabies.

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Narrative: What is happening in the picture?

Walt: create a detailed and descriptive narrative. 

One Sunny Morning Me and my friends are going on a trip then we see a door and it leads us to a walk way and then there is five doors and one leads to a store. Then john walks by his own self and he went lost and he saw a  fairy jar and there was a paper and it said in span-sh and it says do not go in the jar if you do then you will look like a fairy then he hopped in the jar and he trued into a fairy. As me and Hannah was about to walk out Hannah said where is John and then we looked at each other then we were looking at each five doors. Then we found John he was stuck in the Jar. Then John said read the paper and then search what it says on Google, As Hannah searched up what it said John said it is in span-sh when they found how to get out, what it said was you have to fix a spell and the spell to be continued.

Reading as a group

Saturday, 19 October 2019


    So this is one of my activity task and why i liked about it was how i learned about the emperor in China and it was a example for the emperor in Japan and i heard they had some interesting things happened in Japan like flooded, and they are so good to be prepared because like if it happen to us where would we go and we wont be able  to go on the plan because its going to break down or something because its going to come fast and you need space but lucky they checked the weather to see if anything happens just before something.

Thursday, 17 October 2019



WALT: create a descriptive recount that makes sense.

PLANNING: You now have 5 minutes to add keywords to your plan. Do not write any sentences in the boxes below.

Orientation (Introduction): How will you hook the reader?

Who? My Family and I

What? To play games and win extreme tickets

Where? At Xtreme Entertainment

When? Monday 2019

Starting question? Have you ever been for a walk in the ranges?

BODY: Describe what happened.

Paragraph 2 (3-4 sentences) What happened first? Describe this in detail. (Have one idea only in this paragraph) uncles and aunties

We woke up this morning and then went shower got ready for the day then left home at 10.30am.

Paragraph 3 (3-4 sentences) What happened next? Describe this in detail. (Have one idea only in this paragraph)

As we got to Xtreme Entertainment we went in side then got our card to swip and then started to play,. As we got our card we started to play games.

Paragraph 4 (3-4 sentences) What happened next? Describe this in detail. (Have one idea only in this paragraph)

What was my sister and i first game was throwing bean bags in to the machine.

Conclusion (Summary) Summarise all of the main points of your recount do not add in any new details.

What was my favourite game was a big fidget spiner.

Now that you have made a plan, it is time to write your recount in full sentences.

One Sunny holiday me and my family went to Xtreme Entertainment on that day i felt happy because it was my first time. When it was on Monday 2019 and i played many fun games but what was my favourite game was a a big fidget spinner that you spin and there were there were some high numbers like 100 -50-200 and what number that I got was 50 and how many extreme tickets that i got was hundred and something and me and my family add up the tickets together and we had 900 somthing or less.

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Last day of the Holidays

Over holidays me and my family has being speeding time together. What have we being doing over the holidays was going to the park, Movies, Gravity, Xtreme Entertainment, Watching the rugby game,  what was my favourite thing to do was watching the rugby game and today is Sunday, 13 October 2019 and that means it is the last day of the holidays and tomorrow is school. Monday is the 14 October 2019. Hope you Bloggers who are looking at my blog posts have a great experience watching my blog and had learnt something.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Xtreme Entertainment

One Sunny morning me and my family went to Xtreme Entertainment. What time did we leave home was at 10:30am. As me and my family arrived at Xtreme Entertainment we went out of the car then headed forward then turned left then we got there. Me and my siblings started to run because there were bright colours of games and they were glowing in the dark kind of games once my uncles got the card for the machines we started to heaed left because there some cool games that i would liked to play and it was only the girls with my cousins dad and my other uncle was with the boys and what was my first game was throwing small bean bags in the machine and what was my highest score was 100 something. What was my favourite game was a spinning a fidget spinner but a big fidget spinner and and my highest score was 50 and when i always come to that game i always get 50 that is why i love that game because i get 50 tickets. Hopefully you have learned something and hope you gyugs are enjoying my story and remember to leave positive comments Thank you. Here are some photos off line.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Tonga Temple

One Sunny day me and my family went to Tonga not long ago my experience in tonga was Being sealed as a family in the temple in tonga. What i loved was staying across the temple and looking at the garden. Where about we stayed at the motel. Who came with us was the church Ward and i was happy because our church Ward wasn't that close because we will only see each other only on Sundays and i feel so happy to be that close with my church Ward the end. I hope that  you guys had learned somthing. Here are some photos that i got off line