Monday, 26 July 2021

Olympic Facts!


This is my poster, it has some facts that I already know, and some questions, that I am curious about.

Versatile Volume P1


Today at maths class, I learnt some converting, also some maths knowledge in volume! make sure to take a look above. 

Immersion Assembly *Term 3* 2021

 Talofa Lava & Greeting, 

Here at Pt-England school it is our first day back of term 3! how amazing are we to start the term. this terms topic is based of Healthy Me Healthy You! today I will be sharing my highlights about this mornings immersion assembly! 

My favourite performance from the team teachers was..........  

Team 5! team 5 was a great example to us on how they showed the meaning of, Healthy Me Healthy You, there actions were based on the Tokyo Olympic 2020! on how they had three flags to represent, USA,AUSTRALIA, & NEW ZEALAND! team five teachers told us by there actions that, we are focusing on what is the mean on well-beings, and taking good care of our body.

My conclusion from the immersion assembly was that all the team teachers did a very great job, they made sure that there actions were easy for the younger children to notice. This topic gives us a good view of keeping our body healthy! 

Friday, 16 July 2021

Retell: Matariki (Writtten By Kolotita)


Talofa lava & Greetings,

Today I wanted to share a late blog post as a explanation of my sisters writing! Kolotita, remember to take a look on my sisters blog. I am very proud of my sister and her education of writing!


(Written By Kolotita)

The parents of matariki are Wainui, the mother, and Tangotango the father. Matariki is a cluster of 7 stars, representing the seven sisters. Their names are Tupu-a-nuku, Tupu-a-rangi, Waiti, Waita, Waipuna-a-rangi, Ururangi and Matariki. They are very energetic and they would always whizz about. They would zig zag all around the other stars. It would make Puanga, the red star, and Takurua, the blue star, very annoyed. They would complain about how the 7 sisters are moving around too much. Wainui and Tangotango overheard the complaints of the other stars and called their daughters. Wainui and Tangotango gave the 7 sisters a task to do. It was to be the sign for a new year. Now Matariki signifies the beginning of a Māori New Year, remembering our past loved ones, and celebrating our lives to come.

Thursday, 15 July 2021

New Zealand is sending a team of 211 athletes to the Tokyo Olympic Games. (Kiwi Kids News)

 New Zealand is sending a team of 211 athletes to the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

(Kiwi Kids News)

It is New Zealand’s largest ever Olympic team.

  The team includes 101 females and 110 males with athletes set to compete across 22 sports. New Zealand is also competing in the new Olympic sports of karate and surfing. There are 33 athletes that are of Māori descent.  

The youngest athlete in the team is 17-year-old swimmer Erika Fairweather who is in her final year of High School at Dunedin’s Kavanagh College. The oldest is equestrian jumping athlete Bruce Goodin who is 51.  For the first time ever, both a male and female athlete will carry the flag for New Zealand at the Opening Ceremony. 

Black Ferns Sevens Captain Sarah Hirini and two-time Olympic champion Hamish Bond will have the honour of leading the team into the Olympic stadium.  Auckland has produced the largest percentage of the Tokyo Olympians with 52 of the team hailing from the region. The Bay of Plenty comes in second with 25 athletes, and Canterbury third with 23.

  118 of the athletes will be first time Olympians, while the other 93 have already been to one or more Games.  Dame Valerie Adams will create history, becoming the second ever New Zealand female to attend five Olympic Games. -Kiwi Kids News

This is an impressive Team from a very small country. This team is full of differnt ages competing in the Tokyo Olympics! And a very large team attended, how amazing to see these future famous people from New Zealand & across the world!

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

New batch of Covid-19 vaccines arrive in NZ (Kiwi Kids News)

New batch of Covid-19 vaccines arrive in NZ

(Kiwi Kids News)


A new bundle of Covid-19 vaccines has reached New Zealand’s destination, two days ahead of schedule.

 The delivery of 150,000 doses was received into Auckland Airport yesterday afternoon. The vaccines have had to travel into New Zealand and kept at ultra-low temperatures to ensure that they are safe and effective. New Zealand Covid Minster, Chris Hipkins, said the untimely arrival meant New Zealand would not run out of vaccine. We were scheduled to do so on Wednesday if the shipment had not arrived. 

Minster Hipkins speaks on how  one million doses were being delivered this month which meant the vaccination programme could start being renovated. The rollout plan has the general population  in group 4 start getting the vaccine from late July. 

Also an  online booking structure will be online from 28 July and those over 60 will be invited to book from that date.

What would you do if you were vaccinated? If I was vaccinated I would first and further doings recover, or just stay isolated in my own apartment, to prevent the spreading , also being more careful towards myself, and my surroundings!

Monday, 12 July 2021

Man Wins Lottery Twice In Four Years! (Kiwi Kids News)

 Man Wins Lottery Twice In Four Years!

(Kiwi Kids News)

lottery winner

Have we ever discovered the world’s luckiest man?

A US man has won one of the lottery for the second time in the last four years. Stephen Toto from Framingham City in Massachusetts, had bought a ticket at the A-1 Gulf store. The ticket turns out to be a $1 million top prize winner.  Stephen Toto was already familiar with the procedure for claiming a lottery jackpot, after winning $1 million from a $4,000,000 Payout scratch-off ticket in 2017. The winner was selected for the lump sum option for his latest winnings, taking home $650,000 before taxes. 

I’m trying to figure out what this lucky wise man did with this jackpot?

What would you do with a load of  Jackpot? If it was me, I would share it to the homeless, also to the charity out there, along to help a few whanaus that are in need!

All Blacks v Fiji from Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin

 All Blacks v Fiji from Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin

Yesterday night on the 10th of July me and my family watched this horrific  game Live on (Sky Sport), All Blacks v Fiji from Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin! This was a contented attention, that it was a very close game. Fiji was full of meke, and was prepped up to play a pastime. The All Blacks were also pretty good, their tackles were AMAZING as well: Fiji! The nine tries to three win wasn't without a scare, with Fiji

 A magnificent sweep by just eight points halfway just through the second-half with a man upper hand, after the impressive David Havili was yellow carded.   But suddenly a clear try by Dane Coles rolling savage mode, a try with 16 minutes to go, took the All Blacks clear and they finished stronger to complete the 34-point victory.  Coles scored an beyond belief four tries on the night after coming on as a replacement for Codie Taylor in the 50th minute to spare.

This game took NEW ZEALAND a WOW! Because Fiji was an awesome play - as well as the All Blacks! Fiji  laid hold of a win four me!  they were just fantastic, they had a very BIG personality that showed instantly! They were strong as a rock, and were fast like a cheetah, whereas they were ready to take the win. But unfortunately they lost, but they were really impressive and were in  BEAST MODE! Live updates: All Blacks v Fiji from Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin | NewshubAaron Smith looks to break against Fiji at Forsyth Barr Stadium. Photo: Getty ImagesFiji were well supported  during an emotional time for the Pacific nation. Photo: Getty ImagesHistory of NZ v Fiji | Otago Daily Times Online News

Sunday, 11 July 2021

8th Annual Matariki Light Trail

Talofa Lava & Greetings,

Happy COZY Sunday Everyone! today I wanted to share my experience with you all from yesterday night, on how I visited the event Matariki light trail, held in Maybury reserve (Glenn Innes), (this event was a impact surroundings) where-as this event was a really supernatural scenery, where we could explore fairy-light walkways drawing inspiration from the nine stars of Matariki to celebrate the harvest, to give thanks for our kai, that we also remember loved ones and make a special wish! for further information take a look above at my presentation! 


Saturday, 10 July 2021

What is the difference between Pancakes and Pikelets?


Malo e lelei & Greeting,

Today at home I wanted to blog post about BAKING! i'm a person that loves baking in my personality, where-as I learn about these yummy recipes , one of my favourite baking skills I create is Pancakes & Pikelets, but I wanted to study about the combination between, also the recipes, LET YOU ALL KNOW THAT THE RECIPES WERE FROM CHELSEA, make sure to take a look above at my presentation.

Friday, 9 July 2021

Term 2 & Matariki

Watch This Space (Animation Term 2 2021)

Talofa Lava & Greeting,

Today in home class I wanted to blog post my animation for term 2, this terms topic was named (Watch This Space) it was amazing, this video was a muck-around, also I enjoyed how we learnt about different planets, for further information take a look above. 


Thursday, 8 July 2021

Ahea? (When)


Today in Te Reo class, I learnt (He Aha?) today we did so much learning, and guessing what is my hair colour, for further information take a look above.


What makes Jacinda Ardern a great leader?

 What makes Jacinda Ardern a great leader? 

(Oral Speech)

TIMER: 2m 53s

Talofa lava and warm Pacific greetings, my name is Sauma and today I’m going to be sharing my oral speech about what makes Jacinda Ardern a great leader. Let’s get started!

First and foremost, it is important to know what the meaning of a leader is. According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of a leader is someone who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Even though this description tells what the role of a leader includes, there are a lot of values and factors that go into being a good leader. Some of these qualities include being courageous, honest, humble and helpful. However, a stand out trait of being a good leader is having compassion. 

Someone who possesses compassion in their everyday leadership is Jacinda Ardern. Jacinda Kate Laurell Arden was born on 26 July 1980. She was first elected as a member of parliament in 2008 and has since served as a politician until being made Prime Minister of New Zealand in 2017. She is the 40th Prime Minister and is the third female Prime Minister to lead the country. Throughout her reign, she has done many things to show compassion and leadership. 

The first example I will discuss is Jacinda Ardern’s response to the Christchurch Mosque attack in 2019. Following the tragic event, Arden showed solidarity with the muslim community by wearing a headscarf and delivering a speech with the famous statement ‘they are us’. Jacinda’s heartfelt words while wearing the cultural attire of those who had their lives taken touched, everyone in New Zealand and all over the world. Any leader can respond to a tragedy with plans of prevention but not all leaders can show empathy and emotion. This is what makes her different. 

Another example of this was her actions during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Jacinda Ardern was one of the first leaders worldwide to enforce a strict and long nation-wide lockdown. When other leaders worried about resources and the economy, Ardern sacrificed money for the health and safety of her country. She made sure that everyone was protected and worked together. Her government also provided support for families and workers affected. This just shows that again, she puts compassion in her leadership to not only guide her country but genuinely care about her people. 

Through these examples, it can be seen that leadership goes beyond just making decisions. It is about caring and serving people with a compassionate heart. When leadership combines effectiveness and empathy that is what makes a leader great. Jacinda Arden is the best example of this. 

That concludes my speech today thank-you for listening. 


A big thank-you to my aunt for helping me write this speech, on What Makes Jacinda A Great Leader? it was a writing competition in our literacy class through the Team 5 block, but unfortunately I was not chosen, but in the end I wanted to share my speech, and show what have our  prime minister Jacinda Arden has done, I hope you all enjoyed my writing, but make sure to take a look above.

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Real Life or Not?

A Warm Pacific Greeting,

Today in literacy class we did learning on Reader, the book I read was Step By Step and in the book, it was Lighting The Sky With Raspberry PI, which talks about a professional tutor, teaching a school about Raspberry PI, and much more, for much more information take a look above, for my presentation. 


Monday, 5 July 2021

Save Our Habitat


The image I chose was: Save Our Habitat (Australia) 

My Brainstorm/Ideas

Describe the photo

Help the animals get a better life

Save matters

The purpose of my writing: A description, an explanation, a narrative, to persuade, a recount or a combination of different text formats

Write a maximum of 4 or 5 paragraphs to present your best writing ever!
Think about how you will engage your reader - vivid vocabulary, dazzling dialogue,
detailed descriptions, or a personal point of view!

Start your writing here…

On a tragic event in Australia, on a mid seasons of (SPRING) there was disastrous, flame, ashs gusting through reserves, tumbling trees and ambulance zooming through the forest, the name which was caused was (Bushfire) saving so much lives, for example animals burning alive, wildfire in Australia are a widespread and regular occurrence that have contributed significantly to form the nature of the continent over millions of years ago,causing an increase in the frequency and strength of heatwaves and droughts. Heatwaves and droughts dry out the undergrowth and create conditions that increase the risk of bushfires.

A Warm Pacific Greeting, 

 Today in literacy class, we did a writing about narrative, we had to choose a photo, and describe what is happening, a few of my sentences was from (Online) and I tried changing the sentence, also the photo I choose was a describing talk about *Australia's bush-fire, and how it was terrible and tragic*, for further information take a look above.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Prefects Koreo


Oral Presentation

 Oral Presentation

Introduction: On 31 December 2019, WHO was informed of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan City, China. A novel coronavirus was identified as the cause by Chinese authorities on 7 January 2020 and was temporarily named “2019-nCoV”. Talofa Lava and a warm greeting, my name is Sauma, & today i’m going to be sharing my (Oral Speech) as a big INTRODUCTION! and a formal topic I chose was (Unknown Cases) let’s get started!  *Can COVID-19 be transmitted through food?* There is currently no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 from food. The virus that causes COVID-19 can be killed at temperatures similar to that of other known viruses and bacteria found in food. Coronavirus disease As Of (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a recently discovered coronavirus. The majority of people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. scientists had to discover a test for China weather they wear (Mask) to prevent the pandemic, also they had to go into lockdown to prevent the pandemic spreading.Much of the high death rate can be attributed to crowding in military camps and urban environments, as well as poor nutrition and sanitation, which suffered during wartime.

 Once again, covid-19 is a very big impact that is spreading the world wide CRAZY!  And also there are very serious (Moderate) Symptoms that are insane to capture, also to discover the (helpful) cure.  I hope you all enjoyed my AMAZING WRITING! HAVE A GREAT DAY -by Sauma Malofou 


A Warm Pacific Greeting,

Today in home class I wanted to share my QUOTE that strengthens this world, on what students can believe in something that is there goals, also that helps then, make sure to check above for much more information.   


Monday, 28 June 2021

Pt England School v Royal Oak Intermediate *Girls Writing)

 Last week on the 25th of June, a few students of year 7/8 GIRLS! were lucky to play a game towards (Royal Oak Intermediate) it was a rugby game of (Rugby Union) it was a very tough game, the apposite team's forwards were very good, also our forwards as-well, also our backs were pretty good. There were a few run away's, and some (AMAZING tackles) the score was *even even* and this rugby game prepped us up for the tournament this coming (WEDNESDAY)

I would like to give a big thanks to the supports that helped us through out the rugby training, so make sure to check above for my writing.

-Check out this site for (Rugby Girls WEEK)

Friday, 25 June 2021


 Ten Environmental Problems the World Must Face Now | UNICEF USA

Air Pollution is a major problem it is a type of Mold,Gas,and many disgusting Chemicals of how particulates and biology materials,  Mixture where it is flown in the air by other factories, it is like Oil and Greece where it is polluting the air, where  some air around the world is Poison-ness and how rapidly involving situation where we are all in, Air Pollution contributes to many deaths every year like over 2 million. 

Thursday, 24 June 2021


KPMG New Zealand

 Yesterday on the 23 of JUNE! some student's were very very lucky to have the opportunity to go to, KPMG,Basket-ball,Rugby,and Ellerslie Gardens, where I was lucky again to visit KPMG. Which was a big company in Auckland city, that most-likely helps other company as well, and much more. As of this term the theme was based of planets and space, which we did a few experiments, also did a tour around the business, and did a few activity. during the few activity's, we did a question activity, it was based on planets, and the solar system, lucky for our group team (EARTH) we won, and we had these parties bags, and a few books,stickers,and much more. SO ANOTHER BIG BIG THANKING TO KPMG FOR INVITING US, AND WE WILL SEE YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!

-Make sure to check out there site HERE!

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Thinking Critically

 WALT: Think critically about what we read

Greeting To All,

This week, room 4 decided, to learn literacy, as of work we learnt about (Bias), for an example, Bias is a word for favourite, also we read a few articles, about (Hong-Kong), also how we had to be (THINKING CRITICALLY) so make sure to check above for more information.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Perfect Perimeter

We are learning to calculate area and perimeter

Talofa lava & Greeting,

Today in maths class, I learnt some measurements, also estimating a few problems that we had to measure, I recommend this work because it was struggling but I have improved much then other times, also make sure to take a look above at my presentation.



Friday, 18 June 2021

Dazzling Decimals

 Dazzling Decimals

We are learning to add and subtract up to three decimal places. We are learning to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

 Noel and Margaret each had a salary of $60 000 in 2008.

Noel’s salary increased by 11% in 2009 and then increased 6% in 2010. 

Margaret’s salary was increased by 6% in 2009 and then increased by 11% in 2010. 

Who had the greater salary in 2010? Make a guess then check your guess with a calculation.

 A person decides to go on a diet. To get to a healthy weight they must reduce their  food intake by 15%. An average intake is 9200 kJ a day.

How much of a reduction in average food intake would they need, to get to a healthy weight?

 A real estate agent is paid a commission for selling a house.

The commission is based on:

Sales for: the first $300 000, commission is 3.95%

amounts above $300 000, commission is 2%

How much would be paid to an agent who sells a house for $757 000? 340985324

Flash Addition!

 114 + 97 = 211

 93 + 289= 382

 128 + 87 = 215

163 + 84 = 247

 311 + 93 = 404

Change to fractions and decimals

1. 21% -  0.21  21/100

2. 19% - 0.19 19/100

3. 35% - 0.35 35/100

4. 63% 0.63 63/100

5. 40% 0.40 40/100

6. 15% 0.15 15/100

7. 75% 0.75 75/100

8. 83% 0.83 83/100

9. 7%  0.7 7/100

10. 1% 0.1 01/100

Change to percentages

½ = 50%

⅗ =  60%


41/ 50= 82%

7/10 = 70%

⅓=   33.333333333333333333333333

⅚= 25

14/35= 40% 

1/25=  4%

5/50 = 10%

1. 35 + 97 = 132

2. 3.25 - 1.17= 2.08

3. 2 × -8 = -16

4. 5 × (2 + 4 × 3) = 70

5. 5.789 - 1.345 = 4.444

6. 1.789 - 0.987 = 0.802

7. 1.67 + 5.895 = 7.565

8. 1.578  + 2.654 = 4.322

9. 7.678 - 3.567 = 4.111

10. 4.789 + 1.678 = 6.467

Why does matter matter -R


Why does matter matter -R

  • The three basic properties of matter are Volume,Mass and Shape.

  • All matter is made up of tiny particles called: Atmous 

  • Volume is the amount of: That matter takes up

  • Liquids take the space of their: Container

  • Gases do not have a definite shape or volume

  • Liquids do not have a definite shape, but they do have a definite volume

  • Solids have a definite shape of volume

  •  A table and chair are examples of Solids

  •  Water and Milk are examples of Liquids

  • Air and smoke are examples of Gas

  • Solid ice is melting when it is changing into liquids.