Monday, 3 July 2017

Frosty And BMX Kid

Frosty and BMX Kid

Start your writing here:
Jumping off the cliff the boy did a backflip in the deep sea.   Then the boy ask god if you can do a bomb in the deep deep sea then god said yes then the boy said can you Swim then god said yes so god ran into the deep sea .

On top of the cliff god was talking to the boy about the ice cream and the powerful bomb that the man did into the deep deep sea then the boy said what is your name then the man said i don't have Any name so the man said my name Should be god So the boy started to call the man god .

Bravely god did a backflip into the deep deep sea  with a big splash Then the mountains was shaking when god came out from the sea So the boy said You did  a bigger bomb Then  my auntie Then God said Yes .

The Wake

                 The Waka
We are going to write about this image, remember what we talked about this morning.

Describe the setting, use descriptive words.  Write about your voyage in the waka to the land you are searching for.

Start your writing here: I can smell the dog coming out from the water
The dog smell like seaweed under water like a squid and i can smell
The fish under water, when i dive in i can smell the fish .

I can see people on the waka paddling like a big wave and i can see people sitting on the log .

I can hear the wave smashing on the rocks  like a big crash and i can hear the wind blowing the waka .

Kite day

Rm 11 and 12 was making a kite then we went outside to play with our kite .