Monday, 28 May 2018

School Journal .

Hi my name is sauma this is my book from class .

Ball Experimet .

On a Sunny day Mrss Moala an Miss West want to do a Ball Experimet .So they got all the ball’s that they can find to Start . as they got the ball’s Mrs Moala said to Mrs West Should we use Chair to stand Tall that the ball’s can Drop better yes .

So as they got the ball’s Mrs West said let’s Start the challenge so they stand on the Cheers , Beginning with the ball .Mrs Moala said Bring it on Mrs West said No you Bring it on So let it Start so as they Dropped the ball Mrs moala said wow that is Bouncying yes Indeed Nothing smash .

Next on the other challenge Mrs moala said to Mrs West let’s Change the ball’s so they Quickly did let’s stand on the cheers now so they did as they Dropped Mrs moala said my ball is Smashed the Crowd was Flabbergasted . Mrs moala said wow that was not Bouncy enough Mrs West said hahahaha the Crowd said yayayaya .

Friday, 25 May 2018

Week 3 (Miss West's and Mrs Moala's Experiment) Scientific Method .

On monday Mrs Mola and Mrs West want to do a Experiment this week and the each Agreed so they Told the class and they Agreed to so they got the Chairs to stand high and they got the ball’s that they can Find so when they got all the ball’s they said let’s get Started .

So as they Started they Drop the balls it was like a big Explosion steam coming out of the ball’s they were so Surprise that the ball did’not Smash and the Crowd was Saying wow .

To be continued .

Choose It Narrative .

Hi my name is this is my class book .

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Cantilevered .

Hi my name is sauma this is my class's book from class .

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Immersion Assembly Recount .

Immersion Assembly Recount

WALT: recount a personal experience using correct sentence punctuation and sentences which make sense to the reader.

PLANNING: You now have 5 minutes to add the key words to your plan.  Do not write any sentences in the boxes below.

Orientation (Introduction): How will you hook the reader?
Who? My calss .
What? There was a big pop up .
Where? Assembly .
When? Moring .
BODY: Describe what happened.
Paragraph 2 (3-4 sentences)
School Theme for Term 2:
Team 1: beach .
Team 2: sport .
Team 3 : park dancing
Team 5: tug - of war .

How did each of these teams share their inquiry topic? Watching the movie .
Paragraph 3 (3-4 sentences)
Team 4 Inquiry Topic:  flyig
How did the Team 4 teachers share this?
Paragraph 4 (3-4 sentences)
Write about your favourite item from assembly.
Team 4 - flexible to fly .
Conclusion (Summary)
What do you want to/hope to learn about?
What do you think about the new term theme overall?
Is this different to how you felt before the assembly?

Now that you have made a plan, it is time to write your recount in full sentence

In the moring  on monday , pt england school,
teachers and students went to the hall .

As my whole   school went to the hall we Started as a Kartika .
as they started team 1 was Talking about the . beach .

team 2 was Talking about .Sport .

team 3 was Talking about at the  .park dancing .

 team 4 was Talking about . Flexible to fly  .

team 5 was Talking about  .tug - of war .

so that was all the  ,team 1 ,team 2 , team 3  ,team 4 , and then team 5 .

I know I have been successful writing because my recount:
Has an orientation to tell who, what, when, where.

Recounts the experience in paragraphs in the order the events happened.

Shares my feelings about the experience at the end.

Is written using verbs in the past tense (I saw, I walked, I felt).

Has sentences with capital letters and full stops.

  1. Get feedback from a buddy.
  2. Create a drawing/image or add a photo.
  3. Share your writing and image on your blog:
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Hi my name is sauma this is my Immersion Assembly Recount .

planing animation .

Hi my name is sauma this is my plan animation .