Friday, 21 February 2020

Goals For 2020


My Goal for 2020 are to improve my Grades. 2020 will be about Good Vibes,bigger goals, more happiness, less pain, Stronger relationship and being more focused, and Enjoy my life and do what makes me happy, 2020 i’m ready for the next chapter of my life. 2020 I’m Ready. Set up Goals for yourself. What are your Goals for 2020?.     Quote: Never Give Up Keep Trying

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Te Tiriti O Waitangi

Hi My Name Is Sauma, Today you are going to be learning about my Reading task, so this would be about the treaty of whaitangi, and this is one of my Week three task, and my task is all about questions,and I Hope You Really Like My Task Please Leave A Positive Comment.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020


Hi My Name is Sauma,Today you are going to be learning something off my Blog post,So this would be about Key Hunters and that is a Book, and this is series 3 book, so this is one of my Home-Work Task, and it says read a Chapter Book then write three or Four Paragraph's, so then I made a Slide.

I Hope you really Enjoy my KEY HUNTER'S, Book Please Leave a Positive Comment,

Maths pattern

Hi my name is Sauma, Today you are going to be learning my Maths Task, so the photo is my task, and my task is  all about Pattern, so it is a maths Pattern, then on the Sides we have numbers that times then makes the answer.

I Hope you do Enjoy Please Leave a Positive comment.

Monday, 17 February 2020

Prime or Composite

Prime or composite
12, 1, 2, 6
6,3, 18, 1

Hi my name is Sauma, Today you are going to be learning about my Maths task, So this would be about Prime or Composite, so the meaning of Prime is you only use 1 (one) of the that you chose, and for  Composite is that you just Add on with the Number.

I hope you Enjoyed my Blog Post Please leave a Positive Comment. 

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Inspirational Maths

Hi my name is Sauma, Today you are going to be learning about, my Maths Task, So my Maths Task is called Inspirational Maths, So that would be talking about What do we do when we launch a problem?, So that means Preparing for your Maths problem, and it is very Good to prepare for learning. I Hope you really enjoy my Task for Today, Remember to leave a positive comment.


Hi my name is Sauma,Today you are going to be learning about one of my Maths task, so this Maths is called Math-Team-Matics, so that would be talking about Volume, so there are three main things about Volume,Length,Width,and Height.

 I hope you really enjoy my task for today remember to leave a positive comment.

My Life

Favorite Color:Blue
Highlight 2020:Learning
Goal:Read a Book for 30 min
Favorite Food: KFC
How Many in your Family:Seaven
Dream Job:?

Start Writing: 

Hi My name is Sauma,I am a year seven Learner at Pt England School,I am elven years old,
My Favorite Color is BLUE, My Highlight for Term 1 is Getting to know everyone,My Goal for this Term is to Read for 30 minutes each day,My Favorite Food is KFC,and How many Family members do I have is Seven Including me,Who? Are My Friends are Mele, Victoria,Zyla, Hannah,Jackie,Latisha,Jasmine,and Bella,My Dream Job??,I’m Really not at that stage of choosing.

Hi my name is Sauma, for todays post is going to be talking about is My Life, so this one of my literacy task, So my Teacher ask our class to make an New doc on your Drive, then she said Start Writing about yourself, so I did, so Hope you really Enjoy this task remember to leave a positive comment.

The Treaty Of Waitangi

Hi everyone my name is Sauma,so Today you are going to be learning about my task, so this is my Week2 reading task, so this would be talking about The Treaty Of Waitangi, This is some advice of,The Treaty Of Waitangi is an agreement made in 1840 between representatives of the British Crown and more than 500 Māori chiefs. I hope you really enjoy my task for today remember to leave a positive comment.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Family Tree

Hi everyone it is Me Sauma,Today I was assign to do one of my Homework Task,this is one of them, so this is talking about Family Tree, What is family tree, is that you put in you family's name and age, like your grandparents,Sisters,Brothers,Aunties,Uncles,cousins,Dad,Mum. I hope you Really enjoy my Homework Task remember to leave a positive comment.

Spelling Words

Hi everyone, Today on Tuesday, 4 February 2020, My class Room three had assign to do Home Work, and this is one of my Home Work task,and this is talking about Spelling Words, there are different types of Spelling Words that I had to work on, I hope you enjoy my task.


Hi Blog Readers: Today on Tuesday, the fourth of February 2020 I will be doing a paragraph today,and this is one of my Home work task, this task is about, pick any type of a book that you like then read it  for 30 minutes, The Book I chose was Wings Of Fire, because it is interesting,

This Book that I chose is called Wings Of Fire, there are 15 series, In chapter one it says in the story, Two years ago one of thous days so blue and sunny,that you had to be flying,The sky reached in your window first thing in the morning and dragged you out,flinging you up and up into the beautiful wing catching. You had to soar and spin and dive because a day this perfect might never come again.and sometimes you had to take your little brother with you,and sometime you had to hurl his cautious tail into wonderful danger,because the wind was roaring and the sky was glorious and the sunlight promised that nothing bad could possibly happen. hailstorm did flip in the air, laughing. ''The cur-rents are mine to command!'' he shouted. can you catch me? No, you cannot! No one can! I'm the com-mander of the sky!'' ''I think the SkyWings would disagree,'' Winter called. He twisted to scan the cloudless blue emptiness around them. Stop worrying!''  Hailstorm said, spinning into a dive. There weren't any dragons within flight-sight. It was a perfect day foe winter's first expedition into Sky Wing territory, especially if he really wanted to find a scavenger.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Happy New Year Blog Readers

Hi blog readers Happy New Years, It's finally come down to a New start of 2020, I hope you are Looking forward to be reading my daily blogs for this coming year, hopefully we all try something new this year, and try our very best,I would be looking forward two be reading my comments,HAVE A GREAT DAY.   

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