Thursday, 4 July 2019


Hi Everyone Welcome back my to blog today's vlog Actually today's blog is about my school Pt England Library book and i love watching the Harry Potter Movie at home and relaxing too and eating snacks and reamber to leave a Positive comment and yeah byeeeeeeee.

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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

A Fence With A Hole

One sunny day i went outside of my window and then my mum called my name and she said let’s go school you are late and l am having a meeting at your school then i said i’m coming as i went down starers out the door and then i said let’s go now 3 hours later…… 

As the bell rang i went out the school gate then watied as i was wating my mum was saying here then i ran to her then i said let’s go home and cook dinner before your dad come’s then i said ok the i got qwickly up the starers and got change and then i got my photo camer to video and then i ran down the starers and then went to my fence outside at the back then  i went to the fence with the hole and i looked threw the hole and i saw a dog with a chaine and it started to stare and barke at me then i took a photo and then i ran up starers and then wrote about what happen when i was there i fealt neavers and scard to take the photo but i waset because i trusted myself that i can do it and i was really proud of myself like yayaya THE END ……...