Tuesday, 27 August 2019

What A Disaster!

Hi Guy's today on Week 3 my reading group was learning about the Disaster! and it was talking about Oil Spill and i have learned that there was about (41,000 m3) Containers in the ship and about too flouted to the sand on the bank and it was half broken and about the story of the Disaster! it got Broken because When the ship's stern section came back down into the water, buoyancy forces took over the job of holding up that part of the ship, so the breakup stopped for a little while. At that point, the two halves of the ship were held together by the uppermost strength decks, and by the double – thickness side shell plating. Hope you guys leave a positive comment and i hope you learned something if you did a Big Thanx.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Rocky Shore Habitat

Hi Guy's today Room 8 was creating a Task and we had to cut up some papers and this Task that we learned was Amazing, We learned different creatures in, The Rocky Shore and the creatures that we learned was Crab, Hermit Crab, Chiton, Limpits,Barnales, Fur Seal, Sea Gull, Sea Snail, Cushioned Starfish, Kina, Small Fishs, Seaweed, SeaHorse, Sea Cucumber, Sea Star, and my favourite Creature is a Hermit Crab because it is kind of different and then my seconds is a Cushioned Starfish because it sounds wired but it fells nice and yeah Hope full you learned something if you did a Big thanx pls leave a positive comment.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Tiakina a Tangaroa AlphaBetiCal

WALT: State the main ideas about what I have just read. Hi People who are watching my blog my name is Sauma. Today on Week 3 we are learning how to look after the sea and keep the environment healthy and look after the sea creatures. I Hope you learned something form this if you did Thanx

Summarising What I Have Read

Sunday, 18 August 2019

A Day In The Life Of..

WALT: use descriptive language to make my creative writing more exciting. A day in the life of…

This week you are going to be writing about the day in the life of a creature from the rocky shore. You will need to plan your ideas before you begin writing. Fill in the table below before you begin writing:

What is your rocky shore creature?


Where on the rocky shore does your creature life?

It might live in the shallow water because it is small

What does your rocky shore creature do when the tide is in?

It goes in the rocks some time and it might go in the shallow water

What does your rocky shore creature do when the tide is out?

Cunjevoi are usually found on high energy rocky shores. These animals pump large amounts of water through their bodies while under water, and then filter the food out. Since they store a lot of water during low tide, they squirt when you step on them.

What does your rocky shore creature eat?

Zooplankton eat phytoplankton. Phytoplankton needs sunlight to stay alive. So the phytoplankton eats the sun and the zooplankton eat phytoplankton.

What does your rocky shore creature need to look out for? (Who eats them)

Zooplankton, Phytoplankton,

Introduction: Hook your reader
3-4 sentences setting the scene

What it is

Paragraph 1: One idea about the life of your rocky shore creature.

3-4 sentences

It digg’s in the shallow water

Paragraph 2: One idea about the life of your rocky shore creature.

3-4 sentences

It eats Zooplankton,Phytoplankton,

Paragraph 3: One idea about the life of your rocky shore creature.

3-4 sentences

It lives in the shallow water near the rocks

Conclusion: How does your story end?
3-4 sentences -does your creature survive for another day?

They like to find places in the shallow water .


Day in the life of a ……


One sunny morning, into the ocean underneath a damp, dark rock lives a outcoming crab, cindy.

Cindy is a crab who always ready for an adventure ahead of her. Some sunny morning she went to find a place as she, Was tring to find and place she saw a Boy,(Looks) Lucky is the Name, He is 10 years old, He has browen hair, Blue eyes, As Lucky was walking down the bech he saw Cindy a crab (Dicribing) Cindy she had a chomping hands and a red shell with a bit of Sand on it’s shell. When Lucky saw Cindy he crbbed her and then tried to pick her up but. She was about to chop my hand. Then he said to his self that it is not true that Cindy is going but. When Lucky picked her up she looked small. Then Lucky puted her in a Container. As lucky puted her in the Container she went home and then. Lucky looked at her but first he puted her in a container to keep her not going everywhere then lucky puted her in a microscope so he can see if she is ok. Then lucky said this is my pet and then mum said wow i’m so happy that you found a Crab and then mum asked where did you get her from then LUcky said. In the shallwe water and mum was so amazed. THE END...

Friday, 16 August 2019

Creatures Of The Rocky Shore

Hi everyone today room 8 was learning about Creatures Of The Rocky Shore and my first thing that i loved about this is that we learned 4 facts about Crabs,Kina,Plankton,Mussle,Fish,StarFish,Paua,CrayFish, Hope you guygs learen somthing from this if you do. A BIG THANX and pls leave a positive Comment Thank You?

Fact Family House

WALT: solve problems using fractions and division.

This Week 3 we are learning about our Fact Family House and it is about time tables and our Division and me and my class room 8. might be posting this and hope you guys learn something out of this if you. A BIG THANK YOU. Pls Comment about this.