Friday, 11 June 2021

Dear Support Stuff

 Dear Support Stuff,

Thank-you all stuff-members for everything, like supporting Pt England schools events, and supporting the very young children through-out there learning (education), another Big thank-you to Timmi,Tyson,Mr Wright, and Ms Kaitu, for supporting us year 7&8's for helping out all the drama, and the sports that is held.

Also another big thank-you to the other stuff members for, taking care of the children in need, and helping to support us during Lunch time eating, and Morning tea.

 You all stuff members are like grand parent's to us, parents, and family members. It must be really hard helping us and being patient,and again thank-you for being very kind,and loving to us. We are very sorry if we have made you mad or not listen to you.

-by Sauma

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