Monday, 20 July 2020

Immersion Assembly

Immersion Assembly:

Early in the morning, which was so sunny and light rain pouring down,when the whole of Pt England school went to the immersion assembly where we learned our New Topic? as A World of difference,which was first Team 1: was learning about differnt people around the world of how they come to school,and what they eat,which finds itself amazing,because you can study about others around the world,and what amazing facts,about them and more information,of how they do these things.

Team 2 was talking about different countries,and places,of food and learning different stuff,which helps them learn different ideas,of showing New things which must be fun, trying new things,and New Zealand.

Team 3 are learning new things,as like doing the Amazing Race,which is so amazing, because they travel all around the world, as they do the Amazing Race which is awesome,of them traveling,and finding new facts about the places they go around.

Team 4 are learning new food around the world and seeing where they come from,asking questions and showing they brought them from New Zealand and where they really come from,which is amazing to do and try new things.

Kia Ora everyone my name is Sauma,today you are going to be learning about my task that I have had learned today,which this sunny and light pouring rain,the whole of pt england school,went to the immersion assembly,my class sat down,and watched how the teachers,did an amazing job over the holidays,of acting,I hope you do enjoy,and feel free to leave a positive comment.

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