Thursday, 29 March 2018

Did You Shake Your Tail Feathers .

Did You Shake Your Tail Feathers?

P5 What can we infr about Kāhu?
No said Weka it’s far too beautiful for that she ran away from kahu into the forst . kahu flew up into the air and followed her .
Does he feel the same way about returning the feather as Weka?
Yes .
Why is Kāhu following Weka?
Because kahu want’s the feathers .
P7  How is this similar to when Weka talked to Kāhu?
No said weka . it’s far too beautiful for that . off she ran away from pukeko deeper into the forst pukeko ran after her .
P8  Why did Kiwi snap at Weka?
Weka found a burrow and called kiwi wake up did you shke your feathers to mark my nxt burrow . nosaid weka it’s far too beautiful for that .
P9 Why do you think Kāhu swooped down from the branches above?
Just as weka was about to run deeper into the forst .
P10 What has Weka bumped into?
She was in  such a hurry .
Why have Kāhu and Pūkeko stopped?
She did’t look where se was going . bump
P15 What does this page tell us about Kārearea?
Kahu flew off high above the treetops pukeeko ran away .

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