Friday, 3 July 2020

Fairy Bread

Kia Ora everyone my class and I have done,a very fun activity to celebrate,the last day of Term 2,to do Fairy Bread,which was so fun and amazing to do,I hope you do enjoy,an feel free to leave an positive comment. 

Term 2 Reflection

    Postive               M                         I

x Do the Mahi,get the treat          x2:30-3.00pm wait                             xKeep cleaning
work hard,play hard.                   some people siblings/parents finish.   xMat for work shops/circle time
xOwn desk! Tote tray keep         xShoes on before outside.                  xMore Coding,Genius Hour.
putting lunch.                              xToo many desk change                    xThree Strikes
xTime to reflect on Lock-down. 2 weeks wed                                      xMore Social students/health
xFamily/quality time.                                                                            xKindness Project
xShare/Lunch                                                                                      xMore Sports
xMore Art!                                                                                           xDiff types of art draw,clay    xLearn from-home                                                                               SSR/Sketch
xEarly Finsh!                                                                                        xKhoot/Greedy pig 
                                                                                                             xCooking x many

Over View Of Term 2

                                       Over View Of Term 2

Kia Ora everyone my name is Sauma,today my class and I are doing a task of what we have enjoy,and which we like over the Term 2,which was going threw ups,and downs,because due to Covid-19,which was sometimes hard for family's,which they had to loose there jobs,and pay food,which was hard,but kind of good to bring family's together,and help your family with things that might need to be done,I hope you do enjoy,and feel free to leave an positive comment.

End of Term 2 | Lilydale High School

Thursday, 2 July 2020

My Fight (Reading)

 Kia Ora everone my name is Sauma,today this morning my class as of reading,has been learning,different types,of amazing fun books,which makes tells us more information about,the book,but today my reading group,read an nice,book of realising stress,I hope you do enjoy,and feel free,to leave an positive comment.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Kia Ora everyone my name is Sauma,today i'm going to share,my Animation movie,which talks about me and my whole of team 5,has been doing DLO,which is so fun,and to share our work,with others,I hope hope you do enjoy,an feel free to leave an positive comment.