Friday, 17 November 2017

Choose It Narrative

Once I walked outside I saw a spooky treehouse with a light of a darkness as I walked  inside I saw a  Monster  with slimy green snots then I  scream so Loud then I  ran so fast . then  the monster chased me . As I ran there were slimy snots on the floor . then I Slept I  Try to get up but I  Couldn't get up because I was stuck then the monster catch me then  he took me to the Village of Trolls and there were Fire at  the Bottom of me and the trolls was in a Circle and i was tied up on a very big  stick and i couldn't talk because there were something Holding my mouth that I can't talk . then my Hero Deborah came and saved me and i siad thank you to my Super duper Hero Deborah that was the End .

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